Manufacturing Research manufactures safety blank ammunition.  We have been manufacturing and selling blank ammunition to government agencies, law enforcement agencies, movie sets, and reenactors for over 25 years.  With our blanks, safety comes first.  The majority of the blanks that we manufacture are made with no wad, which could become a projectile when it is fired from the barrel.  There is still a flash and pressure from the explosion of the powder, but there is no wadding to project from the barrel when fired.  This product can still be dangerous and the shooter should always adhere to proper gun safety.  Do not aim or fire at anything or anyone as bodily injury may still occur from the misuse of a firearm and its ammunition.

We have blanks that come in metal, most of which are star crimped with no wad, and we have blanks that come in plastic.  The plastic blanks are injection molded plastic.  They have a closed end with a built in breakaway that opens when fired.  This eliminates the need for any wadding, which could leave the barrel and injure a participant.  These blanks are to be used once and then disposed of. 

The flash powder we use in our "corrosive" blanks is formulated and made special for our blanks.  It very similar to black powder.  It is very corrosive and has a high flash with  lots of smoke and report, which reproduces the likeness of older ammunition.  We also manufacture the same blanks with a non-corrosive powder, which has less flash and less smoke, the same as modern ammunition.

Most of our blanks come in different loads and different powders.  Please contact us if you need to discuss which type of blank will be best for your application.