Military Style
   Blank Ammunition

**All prices are subject to change**

30-06, 7.62 x 54R, 223, and 308 blanks available linked, in cans, or in drums - Call for prices

22 Hornet blanks$50/100
.223 blanks M-200 non corrosive (available linked, call for pricing)
Works with the X Product Can Cannon
.223 Commercial blanks non corrosive (available linked, call for pricing)$42/100
7.62 x 25 blanks for pistol$30/100
45-70 blanks brass case (Full Load, Corrosive and Non-Corrosive)$75/100
45-70 Plastic blanks Corrosive and Non-Corrosive$50/100
30 Carbine blanks$65/100
5.45 x 39 blanks$40/100
7.62 x 39 steel blanks$50/100
7.62 x 39 blanks brass case
30-30 blanks brass case, non corrosive$75/100
303 British blanks$75/100
308 blanks in brass case or plastic case, many different brands available
(call for pricing) also available linked
starting at $25/100
30-06 blanks (Works for bolt action and semi-automatic) (linked available,
call for pricing)
30-06 blanks (Works in bolt action only, and for grenade launching)$75/100
7.62 x 54R blanks, (linked available, call for pricing)$40/100
7mm Mauser blanks$40/100
8mm Mauser blanks$50/100
50 Cal. Browning blanks (linked available, call for pricing)$5.00 Each