Blank Firing Adapters

**All prices are subject to change**

AR15 blank adapter and M16 blank adapter - Red              
(For full length rifle barrel)
$25.00 Each
M-4 Carbine Blank Adapter -  Yellow
(For carbine length barrel)
$25.00 Each
M1 Carbine Blank Adapter (Original WWII, very rare)           
$75.00 Each
M1 Garand Blank Adapter (NATO end of barrel)$25.00 Each
M1 Garand Blank Adapter (Original Military Style)$30.00 Each
Uzi Blank Adapter$70.00 Each
M14 Blank Adapter$37.50 Each
AK47 Blank Adapter (7.62 x 39, Threaded barrel)$20.00 Each
SKS Blank Adapter for Yugo SKS mod 59/66A
w/ grenade launcher
(threads on in replacement of grenade launcher)
$25.00 Each
Mini 14 Blank Adapter GB223 Ruger police model
w/ screw on flash hider
(threads on to end of barrel)
$30.00 Each